DataFlow™ II System

Uniquely comprehensive management system for controlling both milking and cow monitoring

The SCR DataFlow II System is a complete, integrated, real-time, cow monitoring and milking management solution. A PC-based system, It delivers real-time information on cows' reproductive, health and wellbeing status, and on the milking process.

The SCR DataFlow II system provides dairy producers with powerful management tools, including reports, graphs, analytics, task lists and lifetime cow card history. Information is collected by heat and health monitoring tags and by the milking points, and is received by the system. The system also enables control and support of other components such as sorting gates, feeding, a walk-through scale, and more.

  • Gain advanced cow monitoring capabilities for data-driven decision-making
    Maximize your cow monitoring control and decision-making capabilities with powerful, intuitive PC-based software. Track and manage individual cows across their lifetime, analyze milk production, reproduction and health data, customize reports and graphs, and set up convenient scheduling for sharing reports by email. You can connect your cow monitoring and parlor management system with third-party herd management software, integrate varied upgrade kits, and manage all the data through the same tool.

  • Leverage real-time parlor information for maximum efficiency
    Gain online control and knowledge of the individual and herd-wide milking process based on real-time information received from SCR milking points and SCR monitoring tags. Real-time information about production is integrated with real-time operational data for individual cows, milking points and milk yield. With comprehensive and timely insight, you can improve your parlor efficiency.

  • Enjoy easy to use, flexible cow monitoring and parlor management
    Access all your cow monitoring and parlor management together from a single, easy to use system. Empower multiple members of your team with 24/7 access via user-customizable dashboards that deliver just the information they need, with quick drill-down to analytics and more. Gain long-lasting value with a system that can grow with your farm and be upgraded to meet your changing requirements.




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