Pregnancy Probability


Assess the likelihood that a cow is pregnant and avoid unneeded or too-early pregnancy checks. 

Pregnancy Probability application gives farmers an additional tool on top of the Heat Index to help maximize AI success and predict if a cow may become open. By basing informed decisions on the Pregnancy Probability report, you can reduce costs and preserve cows’ comfort by minimizing invasive testing.

You can also enhance your visibility of the herd status and improve planning and control of days open and pregnancies. The application also predicts the probability of abortions by continually monitoring system heats during the pregnancy period.

The abortion probability monitoring is critical to reducing unplanned culling through better management of pregnancies.


                               Pregnancy Probability on Heatime HR





                                Pregnancy Probability on Heatime Pro/ DataFlow II





                                                Pregnancy Probability on HealthyCow24

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