OpiFlow™ System for Sheep & Goats

Herd management system designed to accurately collect individual animal status data and actionable information
The SCR OpiFlow System provides sheep and goat farmers with accurate data on individual animal and herd events.

OpiFlow includes SCR's electronic identification leg tags (RFID HDX), accurate and advanced milk yield measurement and milking point equipment, a sorting gate and a PC-based management system. 

An RFID chip is attached to each animal's leg for identification purposes. Milking, lactation and fertility data is transmitted to the system with a simple scan via a mobile handheld reader, or upon cluster attachment. The system then records and analyzes the information, sending operators actionable alerts and reports that enable them to make well-informed, timely decisions about individual animals, groups, or the herd as a whole. This in turn reduces labor, and promotes animals' health and productivity.

Increase herd and staff productivity with accurate information

  • Get accurate and maintenance-free milk yield monitoring
  • Gain sophisticated milking control
  • Enjoy user-friendly milking pit operation, with real-time actionable alerts
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use system for error free data collection
  • Increase productivity by integrating with the SCR sorting gate
  • Reduce manual labor for more cost-effective herd management

Acquire the ultimate system for full herd and individual animal management

  • Utilize powerful and dynamic reports for easy decision-making and increased profitability
  • Manage by herd, group or individual animal
  • Obtain all the information you need, at a glance
  • Get easy-to-read graphs for better herd management

SCR Advanced sheep and Goats Solution in Action