ProCalve™ Applications

The ProCalve suite of applications includes two alerts that help you safeguard the health of your cows in the critical and sensitive time around calving:

  • Pre-Calving Distress Alert
    Real-time alerts on cows experiencing unusual stress during expected calving period, based on the length of time rumination is low. With real-time awareness of a cow that may need assistance, you can act quickly to treat at-risk cows, to prevent loss of mother and calf and future deterioration by weak cows in the days after calving.

  • Post-Calving Distress Alert
    Minimize the impact of a calving disease with early warning of a post-calving problem. The SCR system closely monitors each cow during the initial days after calving and provides a specific distress alert in the event that rumination stops beyond normal. Post-calving alerts, delivered in real-time 24/7 via the SCR system and as alert notifications via the SCR HealthyCow24 mobile application, enable you to take prompt action to save the cow and avoid serious impact on performance across the lactation.


                               ProCalve™ on Heatime HR 



                               ProCalve™ on Heatime Pro/DataFlow II



                                                 ProCalve™ on HealthyCow24 

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