FreeFlow™ Technology

A unique, patent-protected technology for milk measurement
Widely acknowledged as a revolutionary breakthrough in the industry, SCR FreeFlow™ technology has won numerous prizes and awards in the more than 30 years it has been in use around the world.

The FreeFlow measuring technique is based on the transmission of near infrared (NIR) beams through the milk flow. Using complex analysis of the changes in the IR beam, it is possible to gather information on the milk flow and calculate the accumulated quantities including conductivity detection. 

SCR has developed several milk measuring devices based on its FreeFlow technology, which offer the following advantages:

  • High accuracy of milk yield and flow rate measurement
  • High milk yield resolution recording (10 gr)
  • Flow routine monitoring
  • Small dimensions
  • Continuous free-flowing milk measurement
  • Minimal vacuum fluctuations – Uninterrupted flow
  • No moving or wearing parts – Zero maintenance
  • Long-lasting, stable and accurate measurement
  • Immediate detection of a kicked milking cluster


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