Smart Pulsation

Maximize milk flow efficiency while safeguarding udder health

SCR Pulsators provide highly reliable operation throughout the milking session. With their streamlined design, they are easy to install, and almost maintenance-free. Incorporating over 35 years of extensive field research and numerous unique features, SCR Pulsators are installed in tens of thousands of milking points around the world.

Simple mechanical design ensures reliable operation
SCR Pulsators are highly reliable, even when operating in dusty environments. With just two moving parts, no membranes and no small parts, they require only minimal maintenance or repairs, with no need for tools or special expertise.

Easy installation and replacement
The SCR Pulsators' streamlined design makes them easy to install, monitor, and replace, even during milking. The SCR pulsator is connected to the vacuum line with a stall cock that enables quick and easy on-the-fly assembly or replacement. Ventilation can be run through individual filters or a central free-air pipe.

Vacuum monitoring gauge indicates real-time issues
A built in vacuum monitoring gauge monitors the pulsation and provides at-a-glance indication of a malfunction caused by a hole in a liner or a problem in a different component.



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